Cantantes del Siglo XXI, Fernanda Plinky, desde Brasil -english-

What is the first music experience you remember?

The first music experience I remember is my piano classes, when I was 6 years old. My teacher was always concerned about making me read the scores, so she gave me every type of exercises: from just read the name of the notes to complexes sight-singing or sight-playing execises. But in the end I never read the scores, because I could memorize the pieces and search for the correspondent keys on the piano by memory, without looking at the score. Of course in the end she always got very mad with me and started everything all over again, till make me play reading!

When have you decided you wanted to be a singer?

I decide every day to be a singer. Being a singer is making this decision all the time on our head, because it is a matter of experience (musical and technical) and time. Every new peace is a whole new decision. We are never prepared, although we are.

What musical personality have your career influenced?

My teachers influenced my career. When I say "my teachers" I'm not talking only about those who taught me playing instruments, singing and musical theory, but also the professors of theater and dancing. All of those encouraged me. Specialy my parents, that always supported me in my choices.

What are your favorite styles or/and musicians?

I'm very eclectic. I like R&B, jazz, funk, soul, rock music, specially from seventies, like Queen, Led Zeppeling. I like eletronic music, brasilian music, music for meditation. I like early, classic, romantic, modern and contemporary music.

What repertoire do you feel now more comfortable?

I'm in a period of changes so this question is very difficult! All I know is that our voice changes with time and we must pay attention in what is tiring our vocal folds and our muscles. Sometimes it is changing cause we don't want to abbandon what we have constructed in the past, but we must be honest with ourselves.

What are your next musical projects?

Like I said, I'm in a period of changes and I don't feel prepared to do projects. When I feel ready again I'll be very happy to tell you about my new projects! :-)

What advice would you give to those beginners in the singing path?

Don't think about concorrence, don't think about the others, don't try to compare yourself, don't criticize colleagues. Music is like yoga, and you must look at yourself and understand yourself, your body, your thoughts.

Singing to a public is not about self propaganda, it is a way to take people out of this reality and show them other realities they don't know yet. Singing is a away to develop souls, not only your soul, but the souls of those that are listen to you. So when you sing with love, the audience will feel love. Our world needs love and that's our job.

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