Milena Bianco: Music&Passion, "to take music seriously and to start taking lessons from good mentors"

What is the first experience you remember with music? 
My first experience I remember with music was in a singing competition, six years ago and I placed second with the song Listen by Beyoncé.

At what time did you decide you wanted to be a singer? 
I started taking lessons when I was nine years old. 

What musical personality do you think influenced you most in your beginnings? 
I was always a fan of big artists and those were the musical personalities that influenced me the most to start singing like Celine Dion and others. 

What are your favorite singers or musicians? 
My favourite singers are Jennifer Hudson, Louisa Johnson, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera. 

What repertoire do you feel most at ease today? 
The most repertoire that I feel most at ease today are mostly Ballads and Musical Theater songs.

Tell us, please, any experience or anecdote that comes to mind that has to do with your voice or your professional experience. 
I think an experience that comes to my mind that has to do with my voice is when I was in London doing a workshop and I was the only one chosen by two professional directors to perform a Musical Theater song that is called "Let me Be Your Star" at the Grand Finale of Ultimate Artists 2016, and here is the link

And another experience is when I attended a seven day Musical Theater Workshop last year in West End London. 

What do you think about the current situation of musicians and singers? Today I think that music is more into style rather than the voice. 

What advice or recommendations would you give to those who are now beginning to sing? 
To those beginning to sing I would recommend to take music seriously and to start taking lessons from good mentors or else they could harm their voice permanently. 

Do you want to add something more about your relationship with music? 
Music for me is my passion and my life and I would never live without it.

Where can our readers find more information on the net about you?
I can be found on my facebook page and on my YouTube channel Milena Bianco or Charlo Bianco.

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