Alex Alexander: I pretty much live and breath music

El cantante sueco Alex Alexander
What is the first experience you remember with music?
First time I got totally hooked on music was at 12 years of age when I heard Metallica & Iron Maiden for the first time. 

My older brother used to play the records day in and day out and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to play guitar and sing on stage like a rockstar haha! My dad also played a lot of Soul/RnB records during my whole youth and that influenced me later on to really pursue more falsetto style of singing and mix that with pop.

At what time did you decide you wanted to be a singer?
I went out on a two year contract when I was 19 years old playing in Thailand, Vietnam,China and the Middle East and ever since that contract I been living and breathing music enjoying life !

What musical personality do you think influenced you most in your beginnings?
It might sound crazy but Hard Rock & Metal was the beginning of my career with bands like Pantera, Metallica and Iron Maiden. Then in my later teens i moved more towards Pop,RnB vibes.

What are your favorite singers or musicians?
Im a big fan of Prince, Michael Jackson, Maxwell, and also newer artists like Bruno Mars, The Weeknd

Tell us, please, any experience or anecdote that comes to mind that has to do with your voice or your professional experience.
I don't even know where to start haha I been through so many crazy live shows in my life but one of my favorites was when I played in China and me and my sister did a small event in a City of the province of Hainan called Sanya. Me and my sister played a small stage for the brand Puma for Volvo Ocean Race and the audience started with barley 2 people... 

But after 10 minutes half the village heard about these 2 Swedish singers and literally stormed the event so in the end we had a full on concert with like 100 kids screaming our names I literally felt like I was Bruno Mars :) !

What do you think about the current situation of musicians and singers?
I think its an amazing time to be working in the music industry at the moment. Because of Social media and Youtube you can pretty much build your own fanbase without any major support I think that was pretty much impossible a couple of years ago. 

All you got to do is to deliver authentic material that is true to you as an Artist/Musician and find your core audience. The world is open so to say !

What advice or recommendations would you give to those who are now beginning to sing?
Practice songs that you really love and don't be afraid to try songs that are totally out of your reach! 

This is how you become better and a stronger as a singer you challenge yourself. I also believe in doing as many gigs as possible just to get that live stage experience down.

Do you want to add something more about your relationship with music?
I pretty much live and breath music. I own my own label with my best friend in Sweden (Lucas Estrada) that is becoming more and more successful called ''LoudKult'' So I am right now not only playing and producing music but also helping new artists.

Where can our readers find more information on the net about you?

And my music on Spotify

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